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Are you wondering how can you promote your business? What kind of business strategy should you implement? Do you believe your single article can bring you millions in sales?

The old school method of promoting your business by using radio, print, TV, and other advertising mediums still are at work and effective. But in today’s world where almost anything and everything revolves around the internet, make use of the opportunity by creatively having your sales increased through the use of informational blog posts and videos to attract customers.

Blogging is one of the most effective and one of the simplest ways to increase sales and improve your business. It has been the emerging latest marketing approach recently and can be a very effective marketing tool when properly used. Your blogs helps you to communicate with your customers and prospects and having an effective and powerful content has been proven to aid businessmen and online marketers.

There are many ways your blog content can help your business.  In an interview about Social Media Marketing, Marcus Sheridan, an online marketing consultant and the  author of  Inbound and Content Marketing Made Easy (eBook) shares some tips on how to makes sales through blogging.

Marcus Sheridan, who is also the founder of The Sales Lion, says it’s very important to talk to the reader (of your blog) in your voice and keep it real. Make your blog entertaining and emotionally compelling to your customers. Sheridan also shares the importance of being aware of the performance of your content in connecting and engaging with your prospects and clients.

Out of his sharing, we can get some facts about how   valuable great blog content is.


If you have a great and reliable content, you will earn the trust of your target customers and prospect clients. Be transparent to your readers and use also your blog to answer all the questions of your clients and prospects.  This will help the customers interact and communicate with you. If customers feel that their problems and concerns are taken seriously, they will trust your products.


Be a teacher and put a valuable blog content including all the necessary information you would like your readers to know. Make it interesting by including visually attractive photos and/or illustrations so people will read it and spend time on it and eventually will become regular customers.  By regular means people will constantly be enticed and read your blogs and check out the latest and newest products you have from time to time.

Note: Attracting and getting new customers is a good thing but don’t focus much here. Instead, focus on your regular customers and keep them coming back for more.


Your content should be optimized for search engines. Use keywords that are relevant to your page or blogs. If you write contents with the possible keywords your customers will be looking for if they’re searching for the product you are selling.  Make sure also that your blog layout is easy to navigate. These are some very good content strategies to get found and sell.


Furthermore, great blog content gets liked and shared easily. Write something that attracts and appeals to your customers and they will surely share it to their peers. When your regular customers get starts like to share your blogs often, you will surely be the talk of the town.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the blogosphere!