There are numerous sources for the true meaning of Website Development. And they all agree on one basic idea. It is a term used for work which involves developing a website for the internet with a goal in mind. Some websites are used for promoting material and services, others are for recreational purposes and social media. The creation and limitation of a website is based only on the imagination of the developer.

Let us take example the most famous websites in existence, and Both are powerful launch platforms for any type of project. A springboard for ideas that bounce around the internet. Both started as web development projects that bloomed into some of the biggest companies and household brands on the planet.

So how is all of this applicable in the Philippines? Currently our country is the number 2 outsourcing destination in the entire world. We outsource everything from call centers, virtual assistants, graphics artists, and web development. There are many more projects outsourced but these are some of the most common.

And think of the Filipino population using smart phones and personal computers, these numbers are growing.

As a “techy” generation has sprung up, more and more users turn to the internet to find everything from the nearest restaurant, to t-shirt printing. Imagine if your business or service is available on the internet readily available for all the locals to see. This is a new medium of business. The internet business. It is more interactive (ex. immediate restaurant/movie reservations), more informative (maps, business locations), and quiet essentially much more cost effective than T.V. or radio ads.

If you or someone you know has a business or want to start up a business, this is a great avenue to include in your business plans.