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Online visibility is a term used for how visible you are on the internet. For an example of internet visibility, try typing in an American singer. Their name pops up with hundreds or even thousands of pages with information about them. That is internet visibility.

So how is this applicable for local businesses? It’s quite simple really. Since the Philippines has large population that is a daily user of the internet, having your business searchable on the internet allows a user to search for you establishment. People can see you and you can actually use this to your advantage.

There are numerous ways to advertise on the internet. There are platforms where you yourself can promote your business. Take for example your Facebook friends. Just inform them that your business is open and you’d appreciate if they drop by. This is already an example of online marketing. And is a step in the right direction for internet visibility.

For this to happen, you as the business owner should have a company website. A place with information about what you offer. Maybe your menu if you have a restaurant.

Once you have your website established your next phase should be getting people to visit it. You could give out the link to your site on your Facebook or Twitter. But a better strategy would be to use Search Engine Optimization. So what is this? It’s basically having your website optimized for search engines. If you enter a search term in Google, a website link pops up. You use those algorithms so that when a person searches for a “restaurant in X area” your company name pops up.

This strategy is really good for both start-ups and those businesses already established. It caters to crowds that you wouldn’t normally be able to reach.