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Online reputation is how people perceive your company when they look you up online. It’s the same as the reputation that you’ve had in your high school. How people perceived you. But this is just on the internet.

If you are a business owner, having excellent online reputation can make your business. And this is true for the opposite. Having bad reputation might mean the end for your business career. And the internet does not forget. Nor is it forgiving.

Just take for the example the news of a particular hotel in New York. Complete story here. They charged customers $500 fine for a bad review on Yelp. And the internet fought back giving them negative feedbacks which offset their online reputation. Now the hotel which used to have a good 4 star rating is now sitting at 1.5 stars. They have since apologized for the “bad joke”. But the damage has been done and they are now struggling. Yelp link here.

So with the example from above, it’s safe to say that if you have a business posted online, online reputation management comes in close second. You need to have a good reputation from the start. And the best way to do that is release news articles about your business. You might as well as write about your business and have it done your way than have another person that is completely not related in any way to your company do a write-up. The internet will ultimately get a wind of what you have done and if you have done good, then ratings go up. If not, then it goes down.

This is true for most cases. And if you check out other hotels and bread and breakfast establishments, they have not been tarnished by such huge amounts of negative review. There might be one or two but not enough to damage their reputation. So take good care of your online image. Because a lot is riding on it.