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There is no real difficult way to explain what online marketing means. But for those not familiar with the term, here’s a run down. Online Marketing consists basically of the Internet as a medium to sell or advertise a service or product. It is like television advertising but on the internet. See, the internet consists of tiny packets that are sent around the world to reach their destination. And think of this packet as your advertisement. Sent all around the world for everyone to see. That’s why this is particularly impressive and very wide reaching.

You might be wondering how this actually works. Let’s take your business/company for example. We build you a website if you don’t have one, and if you do, we’ll either keep or improve the existing one. It needs to look very professional and not the amateurish one’s that are free templates.

What your website looks like needs to correlate with what your website looks like. If you have an embalming business or funeral homes, you don’t want a website that is pinky with flowers. That is just utterly bad and you will get no customers.

With a good website, we have to direct traffic to it. This is where search engine marketing comes into play. We want your website to come up when a relevant search is entered onto search engines. (ex. Google, Yahoo, Bing). Take for example you are looking for Manila hotels, and you enter this as a search parameter, numerous hotel websites pop up. Sometimes with maps and their locations with nearby attractions. This is search engine management. We want to do this with your business. So if you are a photographer in Cebu City. When “Cebu photographers” are entered onto Google, we want your name on the first page.

Then we can also do web banner advertising. This is accomplished by placing banners on the sides of websites that you load onto your screen. If you have opened your Facebook account, these banners are mostly found on the top right side of your screen.

There are other strategies for online marketing. While I have mentioned only a few, the possibilities are quite endless.