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Have you ever been to a concert or an outdoor cook off? If you have, have you thought about the people that brought it together? This is what event management is all about. It’s about bringing the right stuff to get the event up and running.

One might think that it is pretty easy making an event. Fact of the matter is, it’s easier said than done. It is actually a very complicated process that takes a lot of time to conceive. The event days may range from a day to a week. But planning, logistics, everything basically was done 6 months to 1 year before event date.

So what goes on behind the scenes of each event? It all starts of as a concept. An individual or a group would like to create an event that gathers interested people from all over town. There needs to be a target market that they are pretty sure would attend. Take for example Carteblanche in Davao City. It drew nearly 5k people for a single night of dancing. And most of these were young adults.

The logistics and venue must also be ready for the launch of the event. This normally requires very late working nights just a couple of days before due date. Everything must fall perfectly into place. Much like a huge puzzle that is being finished just in time to deliver.

There are other needed services from other establishments too. Like the advertising and printing of materials. This is not done in a span of a day but rather promoted months before the event.

So it’s all about keeping up with the time table while accomplishing multiple tasks. Seasoned event management teams have multiple events under their belts and are the best people to approach if you want to have your very own rock concert.