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If you haven’t heard the statements “Melts in your mouth not in your hands”, “Just Do It”, or “Think Different” in your entire life, I’d assume you’re one of those filthy looking creatures in ‘Men in Black’ disguised among the true human race of planet Earth.

These words are timeless. And people, not aliens, are behind the success of these advertisements.

Graphic and Web designers are among the most often outsourced workers in the business world. Since most of them are passionate about their own talents, they do not necessarily need an office space to be able to work well. Their creative mind alone needed to be a room full of ideas.

But a general idea for a project is only an umbrella atop several more ideas. A good designer must not only be able to work well with his or her computer but should also know the concepts behind the technicalities. I’ve seen works by great talents but without substance. They’re all flops.

First, you should be able to know the product you’re working for. The person behind M&M’s slogan might not have come up with that idea without immersing himself into the melting taste of those rainbow-colored candies. Research helped a lot.

People thought that design should come off only as a design. Wrong.

Catchy phrases that will flawlessly describe a product aided with an intelligent and creative design that is sure to attract people especially in a humorous way without obviously SELLING the product are among the key factors to achieving memorable ads.

Additionally, when there is a plethora of ads all over the world, being original is almost impossible. But it will NEVER be TOTALLY impossible. Ideas are limitless; you just have to squeeze the most of that almost.

To put all of these in simpler words, here are the key points to becoming a successful web or graphic designer:

Attract attention (in any creative, humorous way that you can think of).

Don’t make it hard for people to understand (what you are trying to convey).

Use simple and short words.

Research and plan.

Be informative but try hard not to sell.

Learn the concepts before the application.

Lastly, be unique, be original, be an alien. #