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The term “outsourcing” can always be heard echoing from all the corners of the business world. With the continuing buzz it constantly makes in the many areas of business industries, with whatever a person’s personal view is on this matter, outsourcing is something that cannot be totally ignored. In fact, due to the many positive reviews about it against the negatives, more and more people are showing interests on being one of those so-called “outsourced staffs”.

Some of the most frequently outsourced individuals possess exceptional skills and expertise on several fields. The list below will guide you to identifying your own knowledge and potential that might just be of great help to some of the biggest companies out there, in the competitive wild.

Web Designers and Programmers

Information technology is everywhere. Who does not make use of it nowadays? At present, the internet is the fastest way to deliver any kind of information. With that in place, demands for talents who can create high standard web pages for companies small and large scales are of are getting higher.

Virtual Assistants

Businessmen have very little time to check their emails or to sort out their documents. While they can hire personal assistants any time, there are additional responsibilities attached when hiring an employee, taxes and additional space needed to name a few.

Having a virtual assistant work for them can be a lot more convenient. Their tasks can range from answering phone calls to scheduling appointments and other administrative duties to allow corporate employees to focus on their major tasks.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Putting the company’s website into the spotlight is what SEO literally means. But it takes skills and training to be able to put the right ads in the right place, and make the keywords to be the exact words. It is a major key for effectively marketing your products and services online.

D. Call Center Agents

Companies hire call center agents to answer impatient calls from unsatisfied customers. They would not call to get even more unsatisfied with the answers so one needs to be familiar with the technicalities of the customers’ concerns as well.

E. Writers

Words are powerful. Blogs, news ads and articles, slogans, annual reports, and screenplays have important shadows behind them. Writers are expected to submit on deadlines and must be well rounded with any kind of topic given to them. Words are everywhere; but only true born writers can make these words work. They are rare kinds of talents searched by almost all types of businesses.

F. Medical Professionals

Yes, there are actually outsourced medical professionals. Doctors and nurses will take the initial tests and check-ups while the outsourced people do the analyzing.

G. Draftsmen

Being a draftsman is one of the few very important jobs that are often outsourced. With a growing number of engineering and architectural students seeking for internship jobs prior to board examination, their usual choice is often to be outsourced. Design and Structural Concepts are basically done by the bosses while all those meticulous detailing are done by their skillful hands.

H. Design in General/Graphics Design

Logos, icons, text font and even its color, and all other visual elements: these are often neglected factors that actually play significant roles in making a business run either its shortest or longest.

It takes more than just creativity to make successful logos like McDonalds, Coca Cola or Facebook. It actually takes skillful knowledge to read what a client’s mind would want to see on his disposable soda cup for at least a lifetime. As an outsourced graphic designer, he/she needs to be able to create a work of art enough to be compared to the standard of the “unimaginable”. #