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The Philippines is the mother land of efficient, top of the class and relatively affordable outsourcing services. ThePhilippine BPO industry is highly concentrated with professional and competitive talents, ready to drive every business all the way to peak of success. Aside from that, the country being an American colony in the past has maintained its strong affinity to the Western culture most especially now.

US Economy and the Business Industry

As the US economy dives deeper into a more handicapped state, it becomes a challenge for businesses to make the most out of their funds. This limits the capability of a lot of small scale businesses to hire people for them and operate in house.

The close resemblance of the Philippine’s societal structure to the United State’s provide a great advantage to Businesses in United States. The country and its pool of talents are great weapons against the United State’s fleeting economy. It can cater to the needs of every starting, struggling, or simply companies who are tightening their wallets in US. Certainly it can provide…

Professional and Competent Workforce

The Philippines is one of the countries that has the highest literacy in Asia. Every year, hundred thousand professionals are made here, especially in the field of Information Technology. Aside from that, Filipinos can comprehend and are well versed in the English language. They possess a neutral accent to perfect accent, making them easily understood by Americans. With the skills of Filipinos.

Efficient Project Management

As mentioned earlier, the Philippines produces a number of professionals every year. By this, patrons are assured that each and every person who have been handed with their projects is competent enough to accomplish a certain task maintaining high standards.

Relatively Low Operational Expenses

The cost of living in the Philippines and the wage rate is significantly low compared to US. Businesses need not to shell out a fortune in order to establish a corporation where a complete corporate setting is present. Any businesses can actually save 40-50% off their expenses compared to getting an in house staff to work for them. That doesn’t even include the saving that they’d get from not having to pay for an employees benefit and tax.

Growth and Expansion

With the Philippines edge which were stated above, it gets easier for a company to expand further and innovate. Paired with skillful man power and significantly low operational expense cost, it is highly possible for a company to grow in no time, in terms of facilities and market.

It is safe to say that the Philippines is somewhat of a counterpart of the US Nation; due to its cultural ties with the Americans norms and culture, familiarity to the US trend and other mainstream practices. With these in hand and with proper people management, the Philippines BPO your great alternative for Insourcing.