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Your business’ logo design draws first attention when someone found your business online. It has a high impact on your business branding campaign. In fact, people can easily recognize different companies around the world through their logos. These image icons figuratively express the company’s identity, and thus, very important in inculcating to the minds of your target audience about the wonderful products and services your business is offering.

But how do you start conceptualizing your business logo design to maximize your marketing potential? Others often hire graphics designers to do the job for them. But there can be no other person to know your business more than you do. So might as well share your thoughts and ideas about how your logo designs represent your own business effectively. Leave the visual enhancements to graphic artists and rather concentrate on the following key points for your business logo design:

Part I: What Makes a Business Logo Design Effective?

Logos are company’s brand and values visually stated. If there’s an effective logo design, there is also the other side of the coin – one reason why your business might have minimal impact on the minds of your target buyers. Don’t let your business fall on the other side. Rather exercise the following tips in making a sound logo design:

1. Make Your Logo Design Unique

Uniqueness is the first step of the way to avoid making your products being branded as a low-class imitation. You might end up advertising other company’s business when your own logo designs closely resembles to something far more popular. Most importantly, tread lightly on some designs that has already been copyrighted. Or you may end up facing a copyright infringement issues.

2. Versatility

Your logo can be placed anywhere, at different sizes, and at different orientations. Some beautifully crafted logo fail to achieve this as they may not blend properly with the location background, the surface and color where it was posted, or even the location where it was hanging. So try to have in mind first that your logo can be visually appealing and striking regardless of location, surface and background color.

3. Make Your Logo Easy to Understand

Your business logo design should be very comprehensive as possible. It might somehow give an idea of what your business is selling. It must convey a positive interpretation even at first glance. Remember that your audience may not be interested on the caption of your logo. Use how a picture paints a thousand words to your business advantage.

4. Make Your Logo Easy to Recall

Complex graphics enhancement might be good in some point but your audience may care less about it. Some people can even recognize up to three striking colors of your business logo. Make a logo that will definitely stick to one’s mind easily so they can relay it to their colleagues instantly in case they forgot your business name. Most popular logos consist only of 2 colors – red and white, blue and white, yellow and white, etc.

5. Visually Appealing

To top it all, an effective business logo should rely on the principle of beauty in simplicity. Being simple does not necessarily mean dull and boring. Also, being intricate does not necessarily mean aesthetically appealing. Always remember that your logo is not an entry of an art show but for business advertising purposes. Try to meet somewhere in the middle between being simple and aesthetically appealing.

Part II: Social Media Logo – Your Business Logo Design on the Web

Social media is where people usually go when they’re online. And social media marketing is not far from a local business marketing you’ve done in your business store. Only you have to deal with some techie things this time. Colors, fonts, taglines, etc all matters in your social media logo. The following are key aspects to consider in promoting your business online with your logo design:

1. Aspect Ratio

Most social media websites prefer a square-shaped image with your business logo inscribed within. So be very careful in converting your logo into a square-shaped one – the actual logo size may be too small for the area of your image or the other way around. If your logo is not naturally square-shaped, at least try to make the most important parts visible when inscribed in a square as some social media site allow cropping of your business logo image.

2. Consistency

Major social media nowadays include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube. To help your business logo easy to recognize via social media, use the same logo design for all your business profile accounts online. Having the same name/username for all of your business social media accounts would also help your business logo consistently associated with your official business name.

3. Separate Graphics and Texts

Separating texts from graphics avoid your business logo being pixilated when converted to different sizes. Some companies even used single graphics and very minimal texts to avoid messed-up logos. When you need to have a tagline, you can separate each letter as separate image to adapt to different adjustment schemes.

4. Simplicity Matters

Multi-colored and complicated logos have higher chances of being distorted when resized. Same also when you applied different layer effects, desired color elements might be lost during conversion. For these reasons, it is favorable to make your business logo designs simple as possible. Avoid lengthy taglines, blurry effects, and intricate color combinations.

5. Define Your Shade and Color

It is always advisable to use 2-3 colors only for social media branding purposes of your business logo design. In a very active social media environment, they usually stand out among other icons. So dress your logo with simple but striking colors for a kill.

Part III: Advantages of Effective Business Logo Design in Social Media Marketing

Social media has become one of the inevitable aspects for business promotion if you are aiming for a wide range of audience. And your business logo design will be the face of your company’s profile in different social media sites. It can help you generate sales and patronage from your target customers for a long time.

The following are top advantages of having an effective business logo design for your social media marketing campaign:

1. Builds network of friends, followers, and subscribers.

A professional and aesthetically appealing business logo design on a blog post or website page has higher chances to be shared within a social media site like Facebook and Twitter. Someone that shares a common interest with your business might as well connect with you, follow you, and subscribes your posts and updates.

2. Builds trust and confidence.

A well-crafted business logo design expresses a sense of professionalism to the eyes of your target customers, which will eventually translate to their trust and confidence towards your company. It could make your business greater than what it is because of the size of your social networks. A healthy growing social network can be a good indicator that your business will be going to stay strong for a long time.

3. Tells your business story.

A catchy business logo design drives interest from your target customers. It draws attention from them to know how your business started and how it grew through time. It can even motivate them and share it among their friends.

4. Being competitive.

In a social media environment where anyone can post their company profile, a visually appealing business logo design has higher chance of being recognized first. And if they are your business deals and packages are acceptable to them, congratulations you have just converted one visitor as buyer.

5. Easy to recognize and remember.

People learn and remember easily in a visual way. They can recognize your brand when they see your business logo design rather than hearing or reading your business profile in a social media page. Consistent business logo among different social media platforms also helps people recognize your brand easily.

When creating a business logo design for social media marketing, always remember to consider a better user experience when someone is browsing over your company profile in any social media site. Try to put yourself in your target customer’s perspective. And it really pays to strike them with the first impression of having a good feeling about your business through your business logo design.