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Outsourcing in the Philippines is one of the most common alternatives for businesses around the world to expand their productivity and maximise their profits without spending too much. Outsourcing is the process of hiring an external company to deliver certain kinds of jobs. The reason why it’s done offshore is that it cuts a huge part of the company’s budget. Since the Philippines has a lower cost of living at the same time it is a developing country that is capable of delivering globally competitive content, it became one of the most ideal destinations to outsource a business in.

Ever since the business process industry began in the Philippines, it has helped the country’s employment ratings massively. The call centre industry alone has 788 call centres over 20 key locations where each company employs hundreds of customer service representatives. To give a clearer overview of what outsourcing entails in the working society, here is a list of the most common jobs involved in the business process outsourcing industry.

Customer Service Representatives

Huge corporations and even successful private businesses need an outlet where they can accommodate their customers’ concerns. Every day, there are millions of calls made just to inquire about credit charges, product information, company announcements and so on. The Philippines offer a cheaper alternative as the employees are fluent in English, having similar American accent- giving the company’s customers ease when airing their own concerns.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants vary greatly. There are a lot of tasks that can be assigned to virtual assistants. Most companies hire a large team while small businesses can hire fewer people, depending on what they really need. A client may assign virtual assistants secretarial tasks such as email response, transcription, data entry, social media management and more.

Information Technology Team

Most of the outsourcing companies’ clients have online businesses. They need assistance in setting up their business online as well. The essentials of having an online business are a website and a strategy to lure traffic in. An IT staff is composed of web developers, graphic designers and search engine optimization personnel. Other advanced IT works can be software development and application creation.

Legal, Medical and Accounting Assistance

The legal, medical and accounting sectors are one of the most common clients of offshore outsourcing. The Philippines provide educated and knowledgeable employees for firms and corporations that need meticulous professionalism. Most of the jobs involve medical and legal transcriptions, bookkeeping and more. For more information, search forPhilippine outsourcing company as soon as possible.