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It is without a doubt that Filipinos place great value on work ethics. The country’s people have consistently delivered quality results, proving that socio-economic status is not a hindrance in literacy. The image that the Philippine outsourcing Industry has established in the international market shed light to every businesses’ doubts (especially small scale) with offshore outsourcing. To date, the country is the destination to the majority of the outsourcing market.

The bread and butter for most Filipinos who are in the offshore outsourcing business is their flexibility and patience,while in the context of expertise on a global scope, the country is ranked second. This character of the Philippine population managed to kick aside India from the competition in almost all fields of offshore outsourcing that are discussed below.

Call Centers

The first wave of the outsourcing Industry in the Philippines started out in the form of Call Centers. Until now, this back office job continues to sky rocket in the Philippine job Industry, providing an opportunity for every Filipino to utilize the innate communicator in them. Mainly, English proficiency is the tool in this occupation that is why the Philippine population stands out in this department. Filipino are well are blessed with a versed tongue with the use of English as a medium of communication. Contact Center jobs could either be in the role of Customer Service Representatives, Technical Assistance Representatives, Telemarketers and Market Research Interviewers.

Online Writer: Web Contents, Copywriting, Ghost Writing, Press Release Writers and Product Reviewers

The job title itself is very self explanatory, a writer is tasked to either write for a specific purpose, it could be any of the following stated above. The main requirement for a person to do writing and contribute greatly to an offshore outsourcing business is excellent written English. Basically, the Filipino possess such skills because English is a highly valued subject in every classroom in the Philippine Education system. Aside from that, the close affinity of Filipinos to the American culture, aids them to do the job better than any non-English nation.

Virtual Assistant

Even administrative support has been reached by the offshore outsourcing trend. Virtuals Assistants, abbreviated as VAs can do admin tasks via the world wide web. VAs are usually loaded with clerical tasks, travel and appointment arrangements, and they can also contribute to the marketing and maintenance of your online business (if you have one). Basically, a VA can perform any Internet rounded tasks that could contribute to the

Website Support and Development

This is one of the most skill oriented offshore outsourcing services that are widely catered by the Philippine outsourcing scene. Web programming, Web Design and Software Development are in great demand in the offshore outsourcing Industry in the Philippines. They compensate my generating a huge arm of IT experts every year. This makes the Philippine market a very salable service in the global outsourcing demand.