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For people not familiar with website development, it is the process of creating a website for a client. The website can be absolutely anything the client wants. It might be a website about personal experience, business related, or something that offers plumbing services. It is like a real estate on the internet that is basically open to anybody that would like to take a peek.

So how is this helpful for local businesses? In the Philippines, more and more people are having access to the internet. Albeit a bit slower in terms of internet speed from our neighboring countries, it is still sufficient enough to warrant usage. The oncoming generation has known how to use the internet since they were kids and now they are turning into adults. As a business owner, how can you make profit from this?

Search queries about restaurants, local businesses is sky rocketing. As an example, a young couple would like to eat at a new restaurant. So they look up the restaurant name, dial their number, and book a table for two. Now imagine if that is your business. Would you rather have it done the old way where your business can only be found in the yellow pages of the phone book? Or would you have a rather searchable option?

This strategy is very good for starting business. Not only is it a more cost effective solution when compared to traditional ads (TV, Radio, Print), websites also contain more information and much more interactive. A good example is when a client asks questions or would like to reserve a table for his/her family online. It’s instant, hassle free, and best of all, it is very wide reaching.

For some people, website development was already included in their strategic marketing campaign when their company/business started. And while being pretty much cost effective, it has been proven that having a website ups your business rating and visibility for people who use the internet.