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Social media in the simplest terms will be like your Facebook or Twitter. A media platform that allows people to interact with each other, hence the term social media. Now what is Social Media Management?

In business terms, it is the use of these websites to increase customer base, build relations, and basically advertise your product/business to other people on these platforms.

So how can this work for a small local business? If you are thinking about the cost, this marketing strategy is very cost effective when compared to television and radio advertisements. It does not need a large team to get off the ground, and when done correctly it is very effective. So yes, it can work for a small business. In fact, it is even more effective for a local business to employ this strategy.

As a small business, having your own social media managed means that you have presence on the internet. People on their laptops, smart phones, and game consoles can see your business. They could ask questions, and get a timely reply. There is interaction between you and your consumers.

This is actually a good thing. This makes your clients feel that you care for them and you only want them to have the best experience when having business with you company. And this can go a long way with your consumers. This builds trust and loyalty and increase the number of your clients.

Not only can you build relationships with your clients this way, it is also an excellent platform to launch new products or services. A great way of informing your already existing clientele that you have something new and it’s worth a try.

Now since this is more cost effective and a lot more personal than any other type of advert, it just goes to show the premise of this type of marketing strategy.