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Living in one of the largest cities in the Philippines has its ups and downs. For the most part, having little to no traffic jams are a god send. No long car lines with irritated drivers plowing the streets. And with a speed limit in place, it’s pretty much ok to say that we have lesser vehicular accidents when compared with other cities of the developmental level.

Aside from the fact that it is really easy for us Davaenos to get from one end of the city to the other, we also have very fresh produce. We are surrounded by one of the most fertile grounds, and the seas provide us with the freshest fish. And with this, we’ve come to love the insanely low prices of everything we eat.

Davao City has one of the cheapest food items when compared to Cebu or Manila. And I know this because I have lived in Cebu for 10 years, and have stayed in Manila from time to time. And when it comes to buying (eating) habits, we Davaoenos tend to go for something in the 100’s range. We can get a good in that price range already (ex Lachi’s in Marfori).

The restaurants in the malls also offer food somewhat in that price range. But when compared to serving and how awesome the food is, Lachi’s will win hands down. While we do like to spend a little more from time to time when it comes to our meals, there are other establishments that offer a little more.

A great buffet for example that specializes in prawns and crabs will net you for about P388 per person. Unlimited crabs that are so good that I the only thing I could compare it too would be crabs from Alavars. And that’s saying a lot. Now compare this too buffet restaurants in Cebu and Manila, I believe they would charge more for that.

So yes, for a hundred or less, there are already meals to be had that are just wonderful. For a little more, you could try one of the fancier restaurants, but in totality, eating in Davao is cheap. The sweet spot for meals would be in the P100-P300 range.