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As a local business owner, customer retention is one of the best ways to keep your company in good shape. It includes keeping customers happy and appreciative because happy customers will come back.

Both your services and products should be top notch. There are no seconds or thirds for this one. Great service backed by excellent products. When a customer first comes in and tries your merchandise and find it awesome, it’s now their expectations each and every time they visit. This is what is called customer expectations. Keep their expectations happy, and you’ve got a customer that will come back.

Be the expert and build relationships with your clients. Knowing what you do and being trusted by your clients is a great way to retain customers. By having intimate knowledge of your chosen business, people value what you say. And if people trust you and what you say, they will have no second thoughts. Take for example that you own a small restaurant. You have a reputation of being trust worthy and that of a good cook. When you say that your specialty for the day is a great dish, people will want to eat that.

You can also make use of the internet and start a blog. On that blog you can write your awesome experiences, post pictures of your clients, and have an area where you can get comments and suggestions. You could even do a small promo for your online followers while on the topic.

Emails and text messages allow for nearly instantaneous communication, so make use of monthly email marketing and implement an anticipatory service. Email newsletters keep your customers “in the loop” with recent happenings. They may also contain special offers, and other things. As for the anticipatory service, it’s like texting you clients ahead of time some service might not be available on these dates in the future. A good example is an airline texting their passengers of possible flight delays.

It is always a good thing to have loyal customers, and as for a growing business, there is nothing more important than them.