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So imagine that you’re out to dinner with your significant other. You try out this new restaurant in the downtown area. And behold, the serving crew needs more training, and your food seems like to take forever to cook. We’ve all had these similar experiences. But here is a list that makes restaurants lose their clients.

Price and location are a major selling or breaking points for a restaurant. If you consider the cost of living in New York USA, the prices seem outrageous when compared to someone living in Lorraine, Ohio. Now take that same restaurant in New York, and put it in Ohio with the same menu, same price, same service, but will you get the same results? Restaurants need to adjust to the average amount of the area that they want to operate in. Unless they do, they’d probably have to close shop.
Cleanliness and tidiness is a major factor in the food industry. Run a clean and tidy kitchen and you wouldn’t have problems with bugs and pests. You wouldn’t want to serve meals with insect legs in it would you?

Good service is an extremely important factor. Staff that is undereducated when it comes to menu items is a big NO when it comes to customer service. It would be a tad difficult if your clients know how these items are supposed to be cooked and your server know only little. Then the server will have to jog back and forth between the kitchen and dining area just so they could ask the chef this or that.

Wait times are also a huge factor. I know I wouldn’t want to sit at a restaurant for more than 45 minutes without getting my food. I know you’d walk out on that too.

Final items on the list and most probably the most important are the quality and presentation of food. This is the most simple amongst all others. You would like to serve quality food that is actually edible. Not some burnt out husk of whatever animal it used to be. Plain and simple. You just don’t serve that. And for presentation purposes, I don’t itch for a perfectly plated dish. Presentation simply means a clean dish and please no finger prints.