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The digital age simply gives us the power to be heard quickly and easily. Whatever we put out there reflects our views and who we are as a person and as a business. That’s why it’s important to always put your best foot forward.

But beauty isn’t always effective. You may have the best looking design, really slick animation etc. but are these elements of digital marketing effective? Remember that when you put your business out in the internet, the ultimate goal is to get heard, be known and convert.

Before you develop a plan, you should know the most important aspects of digital marketing. By knowing them, you’ll be able to come up with a strategy that is fit for your business. Here’s a few important pointers we suggest you take notes on:

  1. Market Analysis. Digital marketing is all about efficiency. Don’t waste time and money on wrong profiled ads. Spend time studying your prospected customers. Who are they? At what price are they willing to buy your products? When are they online? Where are they located? Why would they want to buy your products? Answering these questions will help you create an ad or a campaign that is effective.
  2. Trends & Updates. Remember that technology is always evolving and developing, so is digital marketing. One moment this is the trend and the next day it’s gone. This is why it’s important to be always updated. Google, Facebook, WordPress etc. undergo several updates in a year that if we don’t know what these are, chances are our online marketing strategies will be obsolete.
  3. Design and Visuals. Most people are visual learners and are more able to grasp an idea when their eyes are processing what is being sent to them. Spark interest and keep your audience’s attention with great design. This is a little bit tricky though. As great design doesn’t always mean effective design. This brings you back to your market analysis. Know what your potential customers want and give it to them in the most presentable and approachable way possible.
  4. Social Media. You business’ social media accounts’ main purpose is to connect with your customers. Nothing speaks great customer service when a customer/client can reach you easily and get response from you right away. Apart from this, sending out announcements via social media are also deemed effective as true enough, this is where everybody is. Know which platform is best and stay social.
  5. Right Investments. Digital marketing has no definite formula and mainly relies on trial and errors. It’s important to know where you invest your money and not put all your eggs in one basket. Try something and see if it works. Your customers change from time to time and where they are you must be there as well. After all, they are your business’ lifeline.