1. What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing can be considered contracting, sub-contracting; making an arrangement or sub-servicing with an outside company; I like to refer to it as a business solution. It’s a way for business owners to take a load of work off their shoulders and let someone else take care of it while still maintaining control.

Take for instance, you want to post articles to various article sites but you simply can’t find the time to write the article, research top ranking article submission sites and broadcast them to these sites, so you have various references online that point back to your site – you can simply outsource the work, and have it done for you , normally on either an hourly basis or project cost. You can outsource pretty much anything.

2. Why should you outsource work?

In business you have to deal with everything whether it’s important or not, nothing can be left unattended. Accounting, paper work, hiring, HR concerns, customer service and the list never ends. You waste so much time on these small tasks when what requires most of your attention as a business owner is what you should spend most of your time focused on. Doing that becomes challenging when you need to deal with hours of routine tasks, that’s where Outsourcing comes in. Take the hours you spend doing small common everyday tasks that don’t need your complete attention and use it to do something more productive that will build up your business.

3. Who is doing the work?

That depends, who are you hiring? If you’re going to hire an individual who does freelance work then credentials can vary depending on the individual’s educational background and past experience. When you hire a company, the employees of that company generally will have at least a bachelor’s degree and usually have experience in the field of work you require, especially when the company has been around for a few years. It all really depends on what you prefer.

The benefit of hiring an organization to handle you work is that you don’t have to deal with turnover or missing workers as much as if you hired an individual. Most organizations will guarantee that if your current Assistant or VA doesn’t work out, they will find a replacement for you so the transition is seamless.

4. How does Outsourcing work?

Outsourcing works like any regular business transaction. There are contracts, invoices, due dates and if needed NDAs in place to protect both your company and the Outsourcing company and its employees. You find an Outsourcing company, submit your job requirements to them, request a quote and discuss until you reach an agreement and work then begins. In some cases, a voce chat with your prospective assistants might be necessary to ensure that you do get on well with whoever you end up hiring. Nothing complicated.

Once the project has been agreed upon, a good outsourcing company should be able to give you access to a project management system, where you can start assigning tasks, sending messages, send files and post the project brief so the Marketing Assistant assigned to you can start getting familiar with the tasks given and you can start communicating with them.

5. What are the advantages of Outsourcing?

Outsourcing has many advantages. You can do more work, provide more solutions, keep up with new marketing strategies and not have to worry about doing it on your own. Also, the two most common advantages of Outsourcing has everything to do with saving!

  • You save time which a business man never has enough of, and;
  • You save money. Not just when it comes to salaries but also in terms of your overhead.
6. Is Outsourcing really cheaper than hiring people in your office?

Absolutely! Let’s do the math. Outsourcing work will run you about half the amount you would spend on one salary, just the basic salary, or even less than that. That’s it. Hiring someone in-house requires a salary, bonuses, a raise, benefits, you need to spend on everything they need to work in the office like their desk, supplies, a computer, the actual space in an office and don’t forget you need to deal with absences and tardiness and HR concerns, taxes and all the headaches that come along with it!

7. How do I choose an Outsourcing partner?

First you need to decide on what work you’ll be Outsourcing. Is the information sensitive? Will you be giving your credit card details to your Virtual assistant? Do you need someone who is an expert in a certain field? Once you’ve decided on what you will outsource, decide on who’s qualified to do the work. Are you hiring an individual or a company? Will you need one person or a team? Then look for a reliable company who can and has the experience in what you need. Look for someone with great feedback, good references and a company that has been around for a few years. Don’t just look at cost; you’ll end up wasting money having the work done all over again because the quality wasn’t what you were looking for.

8. How can I trust the person/company I’m Outsourcing to?

You can’t just trust someone by looking at their website, you need to speak to them and ask any and all questions that concern you. When I have a new client we usually exchange 10 or 15 emails and speak 3 or 4 times over skype before the project actually starts. This way the project is clear, everyone understands each other expectations are managed.

9. Can I outsource my work? What kind of work can I outsource?

Aside from cleaning your desk, pretty much any work in the office can be outsourced! Because of all the new features the internet provides and all the new gadgets coming out every single month, everyone and everything can be connected through the internet and that makes Outsourcing easy. These are some samples of work outsourced:

  • Research
  • Data Entry
  • Word Processing
  • Event / Trip Planning
  • Social Networking Management
  • General Administrative Duties
  • Wed Design and Maintenance
  • Link Building
10. What are the policies regarding Intellectual rights and Confidentiality when Outsourcing?

Client Confidentiality and trust is very important and that’s why we always have contracts in place and Non Disclosure Agreements for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.